Melanin Tee Biography

An overall creative! Melanin Tee is a multitalented artist who grew up in Galway, Ireland. Melanin Tee has always known that she would get involved in the music industry as she could not let her talents go to waste and fast forward to 2020 where she dropped her first single "INTIMIDATION" ft Celaviedmai. Melanin Tee likes to express herself in her music, She is a free spirited individual!

Melanin Tee is very passionate about her music and always explains how therapeutic it is to be behind the mic rapping to something that she wrote "Its the best feeling in the world" she explains. She also classifies herself as one of the best female artists. She has surrendered to the power of self belief mixed with putting in the work. We’re now in 2023 where she continues to showcase her talent, skills, confidence, personality and sassy attitude through her music and all that she does. She has tracks after tracks waiting to be released and with time people will see who Melanin Tee really is.

Melanin Tee has officially released 8 tracks plus an EP called ‘Mixed Personalities’ that contains 6 tracks! She has also done many collaborations with artists around Ireland and is slowly broadening her horizons and putting herself out there knowing she will be a very big deal one day!

She has performed in many places around Ireland including Galway, Cork, Limerick and Dublin as well as performing in London city where she felt so welcomed and accepted for just being Melanin Tee! She loves performing! She feels powerful when she is on stage and one thing about Melanin is she knows how to put on a show! Melanin Tee is coming for the crown and will never stop coming!